Are you looking for a new challenge after working for many years with SEO? So SEO Contest uWelcome2019 is the competition you were waiting for! It can be a lot of fun to participate in the SEO tournaments, and participating in the official SEO Contest uWelcome2019 is your chance to prove you are the Ultimate SEO Master!

The SEO Contest uWelcome2019 lets you compete against other SEO specialists from all over the world and compete for great prizes throughout the year. Some SEO Specialists prefer just to compete at local contests from time to time, while others work toward the ultimate goal: an invitation to the annual SEO World Championship.

This year, the top 3 SEO Specialist from SEO Contest uWelcome2019 will be invited for the World Championship and will fly to Indonesia to attend the luxurious SEO Conference in Bali.

What You Need to Know

Competing in an SEO contest is simple. For the 2019 season, you’ll need to bring your own computer and set up a website. The competitions is totally free, just bring your amazing skills!

Mythical SEOs, such as John Mueller, Barry Schwartz, and Brian Dean can’t help you and you are on your own. Asking questions to some other Legendary SEOs are always permitted, but try to keep its use to the minimum.

The key rules of the SEO Contest uWelcome2019 stay the same every year, so each year’s format should feel familiar. Battles in the SEO Contest uWelcome2019 use the standard SEO KPIs to determine which site is the best. Plus, some SEO techniques that might not have been very helpful in normal conditions, such as nofollow, canonicals, and backlinks, are much less powerful in the contest as the competitors may be applying the same techniques. So it’s important to put together your best SEO skills that work well as a unit instead of just relying on individual SEO techniques.

Competitors are normally required to use the latest SEO techniques available. For instance, during the 2019 season, SEO Specialists should consider the latest Google Algorithm Updates.

Challenge the SEO Contest uWelcome2019

There are several different levels of events on the road to the SEO World Championships: Regional Championships and International Championships. Only the SEO World Championships requires an invitation—you can play in any other event you want to just by registering and paying the entry fee, even if you haven’t competed in other events before.

All Championship Series events use the German format, which means that each round you’ll be paired with another SEO specialist who has the same record as you do. Even if you lose your match, you’ll be able to keep battling until the German rounds complete. You could even win a tournament after an early loss! Most matches are also best-of-three—the first player to win two games each round will be the match winner, regardless of who wins the first battle.

Most SEO Specialists start competing in local contests called SEO Challenges and SEO Showdowns. These events are a great way to make your tournament debut and meet up with fellow SEO Specialists who live near you. SEO Showdowns offer greater rewards and tend to have more players than SEO Challenges, so the competition at these events tends to be tougher, too. The easiest way to find Premier Challenges and Midseason Showdowns is by using the internet to find tournaments near you.

The next level of competition is the Regional Championships. These large events have even greater prizes and rewards than SEO Showdowns or SEO Challenges. Regional Championships also offer more challenge than local tournaments and are an ideal chance to see where you stack up against some of the toughest competition in the country.

The largest open-invitation events in the Championship Series are the International Championships, large-scale competitions that draw players from all over the globe. You’ll find one International Championship event in each of the large rating zones—North America, Europe, Latin America, and Oceania. These events give out the greatest prizes, and the top SEO Specialists in each region earn Travel Awards to attend these exciting events.

The annual SEO World Championships is the ultimate goal for SEO competitors and is the only event in the Championship Series that requires an invitation. SEO Specialists can earn an invitation only by ranking top 3 in local competitions as SEO Contest uWelcome2019.

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