As the final date approaches, many competitors start getting anxious about the SEO Contest uWelcome2019. How to prepare for a tournament? Generally, those who ask themselves this question are not dedicating plenty of time in the preparation. They practice and study in their spare time but when the tournament is approaching they look for some sorcery that will release their internal Berseker and turn them into competitive mode quickly.

Of course, there is no magic trick and only hard work pays off in the end. Ideally, the best for an SEO Specialist is to make training a part of their everyday life; it’s easier to improve your SEO skills if you practice regularly.

Still, when a big event like SEO Contest uWelcome2019 is coming, we need to gear up and prepare to give our best performance. We have elaborated a short list of the things you can do in order arrive in the sharp mode to your competition.

Follow the tips below for an effective tournament preparation.

1. Have your SEO strategies on point

It seems obvious, but if you haven’t been in a tournament for a while the best thing to do in order to warm up is to practice with new case studies.

Check for recent algorithm changes that could impact your outcomes. Some techniques you’ve been using for years may not have the same effect anymore. In fact, they may not work at all.

This will also keep you on the loop and boost your confidence.

2. Openings

Review your repertoire and check where your weaknesses are. Openings are important these days, too important. Don’t invest too many hours looking for an advantage in a certain line, because everything will be crazy and chaotic after a certain time. Choose the strategy you’re going to play, and stick to it until the end. This will save you energy and time on the clock which is vital to play well in the middlegame afterward.

3. How fit are you?

Are you physically prepared to not lose your composure during the contest? Matches can take up to 6 hours or more, depending on your initial skill. The mind needs a fit body in order to work well. If you are unable to resist hours of tension sitting on a chair for 9 days you’re likely to succumb to blunders. Do what you can to solve this issue – long walks, yoga, and crossfit are effective methods.

4. Do the best with what you have

Pick up some theoretical techniques that you must know. Refresh the basic concepts of rookies. Very likely you will have a few macthes in which this knowledge will be of vital use in order to survive or even bring home the full point.

5. Inspiration!

This is more of psychological advice. Do not be stressed about your event. Find your source of inspiration. It could be another SEO expert or it could be the work of your favorite expert. It could even be your own work from past events where you have performed well. It’s important to be positive and drop any negative feelings and nerves that you may have, as they certainly don’t help.

As you can see, preparing for a tournament is not only dusting off your over the board skills, but there is also a lot to do mentally and physically-wise.

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